Talk at UC Berkeley

A talk on my research at the Institute for Personality and Social Research at UC Berkeley

Banana SlugSchool Climate for Diversity

My research examines how schools promote students' motivation and academic engagement through the school climate for diversity, which is also called school racial climate. In our work we are developing a comprehensive scale to measure school climate for diversity that can be used in all types of schools with youth of varying backgrounds. Read more about school climate for diversity here.


Microaggressions are subtle forms of discrimination directed at an individual because of their membership in a marginalized group. Even though they can be unintentional or meant to be joking, in the long term they can cause harm to individuals' psychological and physical well-being. We are using a mobile app to track and measure the impact of racial, gender, and sexuality microaggressions on a college campus. Read more about microaggressions here.

The Congruence Perspective

With Tabbye Chavous, I have developed the racial identity-context congruence perspective, which explains the importance of schools supporting the identities of youth who are highly identified with their group identity. Read more about the perspective here.